The view from the seats in York City's council chambers won't be changing for at least two years.

Three incumbents, all Democrats, won re-election Tuesday night to the five-member York City Council.

City residents voted to give Henry Nixon and Renee Nelson four more years on the council. David Satterlee ran unopposed for a two-year seat.

Nixon and Nelson prevailed over Republican Cynthia Martin and Libertarian Manuel Gomez.

With 1,872 votes, Nixon earned the most support from residents.

"I worked hard. I think I've done a good job," Nixon said. "I think that they know that I want to make a difference."

Nixon said he intends to continue working to improve the council's relationship with Mayor Kim Bracey's administration. The city's legislative branch need not be a "rubberstamp," but everyone needs to "row in the same direction to get things done," Nixon said.

"I want to get council on the same page," he said. "Then we can get things accomplished."

Bracey said she's pleased residents backed the incumbent Democrats.

"They see folks that are willing to work together," she said. "We have our differences. We don't always agree. But we're big enough to sit down at the table and work through it."

Nelson said she initially struggled with the decision to seek re-election because, as a frequent dissenting vote on council, she doubted the impact she was making.

With voters' support, Nelson said she's decided she's comfortable "being the minority.



In terms of priorities for the next four years, Nelson said she wants to avoid property tax increases.

"There's a lot of seniors that we've taxed out," she said. "My goal is to help them stay in their homes."

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