After successful showings of the sequel to "Route 30" in Adams and Franklin counties, filmmaker John Putch is ready to unleash the movie on York City.

"Route 30, Too!" will be shown at the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, 50 N. George St., in February.

"I'm really glad to be bringing it back," Putch said. "York has been good to us."

The film was previously shown to cheering crowds in Chambersburg and Gettysburg, he said.

Like during the showing of the first movie in York, Putch and some of the cast members will be on hand for question and answer sessions following both showings, slated for Feb. 16 and 17.

Movie posters for "Route 30, Too!" will be given out to a set number of attendees. Moviegoers will also be able to buy discounted DVDs of both films, Putch said.

The movie: "Route 30, Too!" was shot in south-central Pennsylvania in December 2010.

It brings back a number of characters from the first film, including Alicia Fusting, who played Golfer Gal and returned to the set of the sequel, this time playing a larger role. Actor Wil Love also returned as a different character, Jackie Flat.

Ed "Mr. Ed" Gotwalt of Mister Ed's Elephant Museum, whose hometown is York, also returns, and his museum plays a larger role in the second film.

The new film is again centered on the Lincoln Highway and those who live near it. Although the interconnecting story line is similar to the first flick, this time the adventures include ghosts and aliens battling it out.

"The movie has a lot of laughs," Putch said.

Putch said he hopes that success of the first film carries over to the second and on to a third.

A third Route 30 movie is in the works and Putch said he hopes to film it on location in spring 2014. Currently, Putch said he has a "string of items" he will "mash together."

"I'm gunning for a trilogy," he said.

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Tickets information:

"Route 30, Too!" will be shown at the Strand-Capitol in York City at 7 p.m. Feb. 16 and 3 p.m. Feb. 17. Tickets can be purchased at the theater's box office or online at

DVD copies of "Route 30" and "Route 30, Too!" can be bought online at