It's a ghost movie. It's a shark movie. It's "Ghost Shark" (9 p.m., Syfy, TV-14)! And that's about the most sense you can make of this new Z-movie hoot from the network that brought you "Sharknado" and all of its attendant social media and hype. On one level, "Ghost Shark" borrows liberally from "Jaws." There is a minor subplot about small town leaders trying to play down a shark attack during tourist season.

On another level, "Ghost Shark" borrows from every vengeful ghost movie ever made.

It then replays the genre by becoming really ridiculous in a real hurry.

After a crude fisherman and his rowdy daughter blow a great white shark to bits, a monster, shown only as translucent fins, takes bloody vengeance. Then the spectral shark attacks a crowded beach and nearly kills the mayor's son and his obese buddy.

Most of "Ghost Shark" concerns shapely teens in bikinis getting increasingly worried as their friends are devoured. And this ghost shark doesn't limit himself (or herself) to salt water. There's nothing like a translucent killing machine to break up a teen pool party!

Like a lot of odd movies, "Ghost Shark" plays up the vast gulf between self-absorbed youth and their creepy elders.


The city's dark secrets are held by a voyeuristic lighthouse keeper, who maintains some kind of occult shrine on his beachfront property. And the town's sheriff (Thomas Francis Murphy) compounds his incompetence and cluelessness with the most unruly eyebrows on television. They might be the most terrifying thing in "Ghost Shark."

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