The new cartoon "Steven Universe" (8 p.m., Cartoon Network, TV-PG) arrives, created by Rebecca Sugar, an artist involved with the "Adventure Time" series. For some fans, that's all they'll need to know.

Like "Adventure Time," "Steven" takes place in a dreamlike setting where miracles and music can arrive at any moment. But it's much more rooted in ordin-

ary places like donut shops and kitchen tables -- except when it's not.

On the surface, Steven (Zach Callison) is like just any other chubby tween. But he's part of a team of intergalactic warriors known as the Crystal Gems. He's the only male on a team that includes Garnet (Estelle), Amethyst (Michaela Dietz) and Pearl (Deedee Magno).

Steven's also a tad unclear of his mission. He has some kind of gem imbedded in his belly button, but he's not really sure what it does. So instead, he sings, often self-accompanied on the ukulele, while the other Gems save the day.

---New York native Andrew Zimmern, host of "Bizarre Foods America" (9 p.m., Travel, TV-PG), takes his search for the incredible and yet edible to New Jersey.

Years ago, New Jersey native Anthony Bourdain also took his "No Reservations" to the Garden State for a gastronomic tour.

What is it about the state's dense urban-suburban mix, the endless highways and the cultural proximity to, and proud distinction from, New York and Philadelphia that inspires gourmands?

Is there something in the air? As someone who grew up in the state, I recall a heady aroma with a distinct pharmaceutical bouquet followed by just a hint of petrochemical. But enough of my reveries.

On tonight's "Bizarre Foods," Zimmern explores the culinary wonders of New Jersey's runaway American dream, including some surprising Filipino dishes, a Hungarian festival in New Brunswick, duck hearts and fluke in Jersey City, a new breed of oyster and a breakfast meat wrapped up in Jersey's identity.

---"Tales From the Organ Trade" (9 p.m., HBO) examines a grim international black market that matches the desperately sick with the desper-

ately poor.


---"News One Now" (9 a.m., TV One) debuts, offering news with a focus on the African-American

experience, hosted by veteran

journalist Roland S. Martin.

---Artists perform live on "The Voice" (8 p.m., NBC, TV-PG).

---Booth and Brennan put the moonlighting in honeymooning on "Bones" (8 p.m., Fox, TV-14).

---Cher performs and judges on "Dancing With the Stars" (8 p.m., ABC, TV-PG).

---The Green Bay Packers host the Chicago Bears on "Monday Night Football" (8:25 p.m., ESPN).

---Ichabod vanishes on "Sleepy Hollow" (9 p.m., Fox, TV-14).

---Ellen and Brian make a move on "Hostages" (10 p.m., CBS, TV-14).

---After a subway attack, the FBI looks for suspects on "The Blackl ist" (10 p.m., NBC, TV-14).

---A death row inmate seeks a last-minute exoneration on "Castle" (10 p.m., ABC, TV-PG).

---"The Graduates," a two-part "Independent Lens" (10 p.m., PBS, TV-PG) documentary look at efforts to keep Latino students in school, concludes.


Director Francis Ford Coppola's 1983 adaptation of "The Outsid ers" (8 p.m., Sundance, TV-14) introduced filmgoers to Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Ralph

Macchio and Diane Lane.


---Barney in the middle on "How I Met Your Mother" (8 p.m., CBS, TV-14).

---Locals don't exactly welcome Joel on "Hart of Dixie" (8 p.m., CW, TV-PG).

---Han needs help to back up a lie on "2 Broke Girls" (8:30 p.m., CBS, TV-14).

---Molly takes pen in hand on the season premiere of "Mike & Molly" (9 p.m., CBS, TV-14).

---Cat's high school reunion proves revealing on "Beauty and the Beast" (9 p.m., CW, TV-14).

---Christy confronts Luke's

parents on "Mom" (9:30 p.m., CBS, TV-14).


---Bob Woodruff is scheduled on "The Daily Show With Jon Stew art" (11 p.m., Comedy Central).

---Kevin Kline and King Krule appear on "Conan" (11 p.m., TBS).

---Tom Hiddleston, Brad Wollack, Arden Myrin and Ryan Stout are booked on "Chelsea Lately" (11 p.m., E!).

---David Folkenflik visits "The Colbert Report" (11:30 p.m., Comedy Central).

---Soledad O'Brien appears on "Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell" (11 p.m., FXX).

---Woody Harrelson, Cobie Smulders and The Wanted appear on "Late Show With David Let terman" (11:35 p.m., CBS).

---Jay Leno welcomes Anthony Hopkins and Sting on "The To night Show" (11:35 p.m., NBC).

---Chris Hemsworth, Artie Lange and Jane's Addiction appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (11:35 p.m., ABC).

---Simon Baker, John McCain and The Dismemberment Plan visit "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" (12:35 a.m., NBC).

---Craig Ferguson hosts Lauren Graham and Eugenio Derbez on "The Late Late Show" (12:35 a.m., CBS).

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