Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills reports the following Estates opened in York County.

Mary C. Greenplate, late of Spring Garden Township, to Catherine Bentz.

Mary K. Spreen, late of Jackson Township, to Jeffrey T. Spreen.

Mary Alice Strittmatter, also known as Mary Alice Lewis Strittmatter, late of York, to Jere Lewis Strittmatter.

Bettie J. Winter, late of West Manchester Township, to Darlene M. Senft.

Mary F. Rohrbaugh, also known as Mary Frances Rohrbaugh, late of Shrewsbury, to Jeffrey A. Rohrbaugh, Jeanette T. Boone.

Ann M. Bobich, also known as Ann Bobich, Anna Marie Bobich, Anna Bobich, Ann Marie Bobich, late of Shrewsbury, to Terry Kent.

Helen I. Neiser, late of Manchester Township, to David L. Neiser.

James M. Doyle III, also known as James M. Doyle, late of Dallastown, to Anne Carbaugh.

Helen L. Rudy, late of Fairview Township, to Larry D. Rudy.

Audrey F. Gillis, late of West Manchester Township, to Stephen D. Gillis, Sandra D. Wagaman.

Kermit Richard Browning, late of Hopewell Township, to Mark Allen Browning Sr.

Lorraine M. Arnold, late of Penn Township, to Stephen C. Arnold.

Ethel M. Bailey, also known as Ethel Marie Bailey, late of East Hopewell Township, to Barbara Snyder.

Alan G. Winand, also known as Alan Goodfellow Winand, late of Hanover, to Carolyn B. Winand.


Harold D. Hankey, late of Spring Grove, to Cynthia A. David.

John C. Mueller, also known as John C. Mueller Sr., late of York Township, to Joyhn C. Mueller Jr.

Ernest L. Meckley, late of West York, to Andrea L. Miller.

Nancy Sharon Jordan, also known as Nancy S. Somers, late of Dover Township, to Tammy Leah Raab.

Gerald C. Latshaw, late of Dover Township, to Elizabeth R. Latshaw.

Administration on the estate of:

Ethel Horwedel, late of Hanover, to Lee Mandarino.

Bernard F. Richards Jr., late of York Haven, to Pauline M. Richards.

Alverta L. McCoy, also known as Alverta McCoy, late of Springettsbury Township, to Kenneth J. McCoy.

Micheal Frank Brown, late of York, to Cheryl L. Brunner.

Steven A. Arnold, late of Warrington Township, to Vicki Hajewski.

James M. Lemmon, late of Heidelberg Township, to Nicole Caler, Danielle M. Lemmon.

Shirley Ann Glatfelter, also known as Shirley A. Gladfelter, late of Hanover, to Rickey D. Glatfelter, Shelby A. Groft.

Mary E. Bleacher, also known as Mary Elizabeth Bleacher, Mary Elizabeth Rutter Bleacher, late of York Township, to William S. Bleacher.