Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

Audrey A. Dietz: late of West Manchester Township, to Ruth Ann Raffensberger, Joann L. Brillhart.

John S. Witmer, John Sherman Witmer, John Witmer: late of Manchester Township, to Patricia A. Hamilton.

Carolyn R. Axe: late of York Township, to Carole S. Schmuck, Kimberly R. Pritchard.

Dale E. Werner: late of North Codorus Township, to Larry E. Werner, Jennifer B. Hartlaub.

Sallie Mummert: late of Manheim Township, to Margaret M. Bare, Richard T. Byrd.

Mildred P. Yost: late of Warrington Township, to Luann K. Bobb, Michael R. Yost.

Robert C. Gribbin, Robert Charles Gribbin: late of Paradise Township, to Leo E. Gribbin.

Gloria W. Wolf: late of West Manchester Township, to Penny L. Thomas, Thomas R. Wolf, Connie L. Sprenkle.

David K. Snyder: late of Chanceford Township, to Robert T. Patierno.

Geraldine I. Miller, Geraldine Miller: late of York, to Linda M. Sheasley, Deborah C. Painter.

Harold L. Wire: late of Dover Township, to Roxana Hoffman, John W. Wire, Harriet Langione.

Robert R. Small: late of Hanover, to Gloria C. Small.

Bobby Glenn Burleson: late of Manheim Township, to Donna G. Wilhelm.

James M. Huddleston, James Maclain Huddleston: late of West Manchester Township, to Patricia S. Huddleston.

Donald E. McCleary: late of Manchester, to Michael E. McCleary.

Edward L. Bievenour: late of West York, to Ruth D. Bievenour.

William H. Wolf, William Henry Wolf: late of Hanover, to Nadine M. Wolfe.

Jane W. Hostetter: late of Dillsburg, to Robert R. Nicholson.

Beatrice V. Walker: late of York Township, to Joan E. Paules.

Administration on the estate of:

Nathan Ray Sr.: late of York, to Matthew D. Menges.

Shirley D. Meltabarger: late of Springettsbury Township, to Valerie S. Rightor.

Gail Anne Lamendola: late of Springettsbury Township, to Chad M. Lamendola.

Keith D. Allen: late of Windsor Township, to Dennis A. Allen, Carole Allen Bell.

Ronald L. Moore Jr.: late of Spring Garden Township, to Brian J. Tancraitor.