Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

Alfred Solter: late of Dover Township, to Anne E. Solter, Alfred M. Solter.

Marjorie J. Christine: late of York Township, to Carrie A. Christine.

Donald L. Tarman: late of West York, to Donna L. Tarman.

Bernice A. Conrad: late of Hallam, to Stephen J. Moore.

Shirley A. Meloy: late of Carroll Township, to John E. Cope.

J. Warren Weiss: late of Penn Township, to J. Wayne Weiss, Cynthia W. Cunningham.

Dale D. Keifer: late of Warrington Township, to Dawn D. Barshinger.

William L. Frederick Sr.: late of Goldsboro, to William L. Frederick III.

Bertha L. Thompson: late of West Manchester Township, to Patricia A. Brandick.

Phyllis C. Griffin: late of Dillsburg, to Jeffrey L. Griffin.

Betty L. Jacoby: late of Penn Township, to Patricia A. Huff.

Louise A. Garvick: late of New Salem, to Scott M. Garvick.

Alyne C. Sonder: late of Shrewsbury, to Katherine A. Miller.

Lydia M. Dickensheets: late of Hanover, to Anna C. Marchio.

William T. Mummert: late of Hanover, to Richard W. Mummert, to Joann L. Miller.

James T. Owens: late of Jefferson, to Eva R. Golden.

George P. Butt: late of Penn Township, to Jeffery S. Butt.

Betty L. Winemiller: late of Glen Rock, to Dale Winemiller.


Administration on the estate of:

Hector E. Taranto Vasquez: late (non-resident), to Rocio Palacios.

Alma L. Munchel: late of Peach Bottom Township, to Patricia A. Hoffman.

Donald Farias: late of Dover Township, to Sharon M. Vincent.

Ronnie Lee Martin: late of Penn Township, to Ronnie L. Martin Jr.

Jeffrey C. Koons: late of Springettsbury Township, to Ruth N. Koons.

Dale L. Sitlinger: late of Newberry Township, to Jason Sitlinger.

Lisa C. Heverly: late of Shrewsbury Borough, to Rand A. Feder.

Katherine (aka Catherine) A. Brouse: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Judith E. Dorsey.

James F. Collins: late of Springettsbury Township, to Marian Heine, Teresa Bartlewitz.