Bradley C. Jacobs, Register of Wills, reports the following Estates opened in York County:

Lona B. Helton: late of York Township, to Anne E. Gomer, Donald C. Helton Jr.

Donna L. Myers: late of York Township, to Delores E. Inners.

Lena M. Yeaple: late of Manchester Township, to Deborah A. Alloway.

Lisa D. Becker: late of West Manheim Township, to David E. Becker.

James J. Strouse: late of Carroll Township, to Juanita M. Strouse.

Keith D. Kneller: late of York City, to Toni M. Danley.

Ruby E. Fuhrman: late of Hanover, to Wendy J. Beckner.

Esther M. Aubel: late of Dover Township, to Nancy Williams.

Ruth S. Harris-Tuozzo Shaw: late of Chanceford Township, to Donald B. Swope.

Blodwyn L. Newcomer: late of Manchester Township, to Cindy L. Storm.

Belva F. Amspacher: late of Shrewsbury Township, to Mary L. Snyder, Lindy L. Sweeney.

Harold E. Fidler: late of East Manchester Township, to Constance A. Naylor, Carolyn J. Bailey, Diana L. Fitzkee, Elizabeth K. Barshinger.

Carroll E. Frock Jr.: late of Hanover, to Theresa G. Henry.

Millard A. McCleary: late of North Hopewell Township, to Gloria D. McCleary, Dale E. McCleary.

Kathryn L. Schiding: late of Spring Garden Township, to Richard H. Mylin III.

Administration on the estate of:


Eric H. Hameier: late of York Township, to Kurt E. Hameier.

John D. Spyker: late of Lower Windsor Township, to Kay A. Spyker, Alecia D. Spyker.

William M. Portner: late of York City, to Amy Fruncillo, Wanda Peatross.

Angela V. Scales: late of York City, to the York City Redevelopment Authorit.

Galen H. Krone: late of Goldsboro, to Debra D. Snyder.

David E. Mason: late of Peach Bottom Township, to Thomas B. Mason Jr.

James W. Houck: late of Red Lion, to James R. Houck.

Anita J. Everhard: late of Fairview Township, to Will D. Everhard III.