How would you feel if you, a legal gun owner, were banned from carrying a concealed weapon into the York Fair?

Just a few days ago, when officials initially banned guns from this year's Bloomsburg Fair, fairgoers weren't too happy.

Since then, the backlash quashed the idea, and gun owners once again will be allowed to bring concealed weapons on the grounds.

The ban was intended to ensure the safety of an expected crowd of 80,000 people attending the Sept. 22-28 event.

York Fair president Gene Schenck said the York Fair, which begins on Friday, has always allowed concealed guns. The York and Bloomsburg fairs have similar attendance numbers, he said.

"To my knowledge, we've always had that policy," he said. "Our big thing is to make sure we search bags."

The only place where guns aren't allowed is on the grandstand, Schenck said.

"And that's because performers say no guns on the grandstand," he said.

A right to carry: Schenck said he isn't sure why the Bloomsburg Fair began a public debate about the issue.

"I don't know why they started it because people have a right to carry," he said, adding the rules at the fair are the same as the rules on the street.

"People have permits to carry, and they should be allowed to carry," he said. "The people I'm concerned about are the people who have a gun and don't have a permit."

To be safe, all bags are subject to search at the fair, and all bags are searched on the grandstand, Schenck said. Other bags on the grounds are liable to be spot-checked as precautions, he said.