Mandi Griffith and Glenn Kuhns, York, Oct. 6, a daughter.

Jodie (Dressel) and Thomas Lauber, York, Oct. 6, a son.

Loma Resh and David Hawkes, Windsor, Oct. 6, a son.

Deidre (Schwartz) and Michael Lynch, York, Oct. 6, a son.

Massiel De la Paz Desena and Jose Beltre, Chambersburg, Oct. 6, a son.

Stephanie (Guise) and Scott Myers, Hallam, Oct. 6, twins, a son and a daughter.

Raina and Mark Callend er, Stewartstown, Oct. 7, a daughter.

Elizabeth Heller and Daniel Walters, Gardners, Oct. 7, a son.

Nicole (Alaburda) and Jody Carruth, Stewartstown, Oct. 7, a son.

Jordan (Paronish) and Daniel Keeny, Stewartstown, Oct. 7, a daughter.

Miranda (Gemmill) and Shannon Gemmill, Spring Grove, Oct. 7, a daughter.

Courtney (Paskell) and Paul Stoner Jr., York, Oct. 8, a son.

Brenda Lau and Jer maine Bailey, York, Oct. 8, a daughter.

Michele Brent and John Barnhart, Seven Valleys, Oct. 8, a son.