The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Jeremiah Yohe and Kayla Sweitzer, both of York.

David Burns, East Berlin, and Amy Nuzum, York.

Eric Meisenhelder and Stephanie Anderson, both of York.

Eric Martens, Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County, and Anne Confer, York.

Glenn Geisler, York, and Ellen Rother, Abbottstown, Adams County.

Jesse Wagoner Sr. and Nichole Houck, both of Red Lion.

Daniel Zelesko and Ad rienne Wagner, both of Harrisburg.

Robert Davis, York, and Eadie Harrison, Cockeysville, Md.

Jackson Burdette, Yoe, and Vickie Potts, Red Lion.

John Acker, Arlington, Va., and Alison Wilber, Washington, D.C.

Gilbert Chaffman Jr., Sykesville, Md., and Andrea Bohn, Windsor.

Adam Larkin and Lind say Good, both of Christiansburg, Va.

Daon McBroom and Me lissa Veater, both of Harrisburg.

Andrew Barnhart and Kristin Rajotte, both of Wrightsville.

Steven Peters Jr. and Heather Boyles, both of Wrightsville.

Andar Rehm and Ashley Gross, both of York Haven.

Joshua Wertz and Kim berly Wintermyer, both of Mount Wolf.


Jarid Koontz and Ashley Barnes, both of York.

Miquel Fernandez Cerron and Elizabeth Goy tizolo De Alvarez, both of Hanover.

Matthew Chubb and Angela Stetler, both of Fairview Township.

Ryan Bowen and Cath erine Massey, both of York.

Marco Lopez-Zarate and Christina Davis, both of Red Lion.

Zane Fake and Jessica Liester, both of Red Lion.

Jason Marlowe and Noelle Boggs, both of Dover.

Gustavo Zabala and Aguedita Rodriguez, both of York.

Jason Chittum and De siree Schmuck, both of Glen Rock.

Eric Ortiz and Diana Ramos, both of Dover.

Adam Wildasin, Hanover, and Meaghan Phillips, Blairstown, N.J.

Chad McCullough and Megan Ruby, both of Glen Rock.

Christopher Duchaine and Samantha Miller, both of Shrewsbury.

Barry Mitzel and Dawn Laughman, both of Seven Valleys.

Keith Gorden, Snohomish, Wash., and Lori Lam pron, Franklintown.

Douglas Dodson, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County, and Stephanie Ste vens, Mount Bethel, Northampton County.

Jason Hower and Sarah Dick, both of York Haven.

James Curley and Karen Garland, both of Delta.

Michael Taft and Tracy Cademartori, both of Manchester.

John Dixon, Wrightsville, and Kelsey Riley, York.

Marco Barragan and Nicole Rodriguez, both of York.

Denis Chamberlin Jr. and Katie Tague, both of Felton.

Adam Huff, Glen Rock, and Juliana Webb, New Freedom.

Richard Stoehr and Dawn Fitch, both of York.

Roy Denike and Amanda Hicks, both of New Oxford.

Melvin Eberwein III and Kimberly Bailey, both of York.

Brian McClafferty and Katherine Rountree, both of North Bethesda, Md.

Andrew Medici and Noel Bigelow, both of Alexandria, Va.

Scott Altland II and Amanda Huff, both of Thomasville.

Corey Neiderer and Gina Sipple, both of York.

Bradley Geesey Jr. and Ashley Price, both of Wrightsville.

Jeremy Miller and Amy MacNeal, both of York.

Gregory Willson and Lauren Beck, both of Portsmouth, Va.

Travis Beck, Dover, and Ariana Reed, East Berlin.

Breidy Blanc, York, and Stephanie Looks, Dover.

Alec Young, Hallam, and Emily McKinley, Bloomsburg, Columbia County.

Matthew Icenrode and Starr Fischer, both of Shrewsbury.

Daniel D'Arrigo and Heather Hill, both of York.

Conor Wentland and Amanda Wallet, both of Spring Grove.

Daniel Contract, New Cumberland, and Andrayea Bingman, Fairview Township.

Dustin Schaefer and Lindsey Leber, both of York.

Christopher Ibarra and Teresa Patchett, both of York.

Darrel Benner and Christina Shaffer, both of Red Lion.

Daniel Bader and Alli son Hardt, both of Baltimore.

George Bradley and Marsha Bradley, both of Hanover.

Jeffrey Roberts Jr. and Dana Kohler, both of Red Lion.

Chad Bowser and Tammy Kurtz, both of Dallastown.

Jose Diaz and Dulce Velazquez, both of Hanover.

Steven Green and Sherri Myer, both of Dillsburg.

Randolf Heffner and Charlene Kile, both of York.

James Fink III and Alison Lippy, both of Hanover.

William Yeager and Ian thea Sipe, both of York.

Omar Bedolla and Rocio Hernandez, both of Manchester.

Billy Bruce and Suz anne Bisch, both of Dillsburg.

Michael Carr and Kath ryn Dillard, both of Dillsburg.

Cory Poole and Maria Vazquez Gonzalez, both of Hanover.

Joseph Myers and Alli son Flanders, both of York.

Michael Stephenson and Kayla Cover, both of Spring Grove.

Kevin Craig and Rachel Smith, both of York.

Randy Young, Wrightsville, and Brenda Richard son, York.

Christpher Mahoney, New York City, and Joan Barrett, Wellsville.

Charles Holloman and Angela Bazemore, both of York.

David Hoke Jr. and Carol Hartman, both of York.

Stephen Wroczynski and Meredith Hoffman, both of York.

David Wade and Caro line Roth, both of Hanover.

Jean Cazy and Kaitlyn Althouse, both of York.

Ernest Turner III and Quiona Bryant, both of Middle River, Md.

Joseph Scholles and Catherine Hare, both of Hanover.

Jeremy Lanni and Me lissa Rhodes, both of York.

Richard Stansbury and Stacey Gray, both of Hanover.

Kevin Hollenbush, New Cumberland, and Amanda Hankins, Newberry Township.

Andrew Howland and Kelly Hahn, both of York.

James Nelson and Lisa McAdams, both of York.

Scott Strickler and Brenda Pierce, both of Gettysburg.

Christopher Baskerville and Betsy Toro, both of York.

Edward Sterne Jr. and Lora Stump, both of Dallastown.

Benjamin Fritz and Cathleen Wiseman, both of New Freedom.