Shawn M. Hedrick, Hallam, v. Alicia M. Hedrick, East Falmouth, Mass.

Brittany Jade Rodgers v. Robert Joseph Rodgers Sr., both of Delta.

Brook J. Gist v. Anthony J. Gist, both of Spring Grove.

Daniel Allen, Dover, v. Michele Allen, Cisne, Ill.

Meagen Reed, Red Lion, v. Justin C. Reed, York.

Beth A. Hall v. David W. Hall, both of Red Lion.

Ashley N. Schmuck, York, v. Antony S. Schmuck, Windsor.


Rick O. Green from Snowann Green, both of York.

Jeffrey W. Doxzen, Windsor, from Kera L. Doxzen, Wrightsville.

Tonya Lynn Shultz from Michael Lee Shultz Jr., both of Spring Grove.

Kalandra L. Graff, Seven Valleys, from Patrick M. Graff, York.

Crystal Marie Delp, Delta, from Seth Landon Delp, Whiteford, Md.

Vera Polukhina, Broadview Heights, Ohio, from Andrey Polukhin, York Haven.

Julia M. Krauss, Dallastown, from Trevor W. Krauss, York.

Whitney K. St. Jean, Morgantown, Va., from Nacius S. St. Jean, York.

Scott Rahn, York, from Lynde Rahn, Thomasville.

Stephen Valliere, Red Lion, from Susan M. Valliere, York.

Shanyn M. Coblentz, York, from Stephen W. Coblentz, Manchester.


Megan C. Coggeshall, formerly known as Megan C. Shustack, from Samuel D. Shustack, both of York.

Jennifer L. Hartman from Clifford E. Hartman, both of Dillsburg.

Jason Jay Morin, East Berlin, from Arlene Linda Morin, York.

Laurie A. Adler from David A. Adler, both of York.

Paul H. Baugher, Glenville, from Debra A. Baugher, York.

Francisco Polanco, York, from Maria Polanco, New York City.

Miriam O. Funderburk, Jacobus, from Benjamin C. Funderburk, York.

Ryan M. Sturgill from Victoria A. Sturgill, both of Shrewsbury.

Gilberto A. Arroyo-Guzman, York, from Susana Trejo-Dominguez, Madero, Mexico.

Nancy B. Molinar from Michael L. Molinar, both of Stewartstown.

Beverly Dillman, York, from Frederick Dillman, Dover.

Stephen Haslup, Dallastown, from Katherine K. Haslup, Mountville.

Meredith E. Herring, now known as Meredith E. Cothern, Dover, from Gregory K. Herring, De Kalb, Ill.

Abbie L. Sechrist from Timothy A. Sechrist, both of York.

Jennifer Youse, New Cumberland, from Michael Youse, Camp Hill.

Elizabeth M. Miller, Mechanicsburg, from David A. Miller, Manchester.

Amanda L. Bynaker from Jimmy L. Bynaker, both of Hanover.

Thomas E. Hersh, Spring Grove, from Paula S. Hersh, York.

Casey J. Foreman, Dover, from Travis W. Foreman, Hanover.

Amanda Conley from Jason R. Conley, both of York.

Ishia S. Jones, now known as Ishia S. Moye, from Jimmie Jones, both of York.

Troy Barnes, Baltimore, from Shiree Barnes, Owings Mills, Md.

Aaron Hess from Jillian Hess, both of York.

Timothy S. Kise Sr., Marietta, Lancaster County, from Tracey E. Kise, Felton.

Jeffery Emmanuel Moyer from Lisa Lynn Moyer, both of York.

Gregory L. Myers, York, from Monica A. Myers, Windsor.

Amy E. Langer from Bradley J. Langer, both of New Cumberland.

Elizabeth A. Bedell from Russell R. Bedell, both of York.

Jeffrey A. Goss, York, from Ramona V. Goss, Wrightsville.

Enrico Illiano, Frederick, Md., from Calogva Lucci, York.

Richard W. Wise, Hallam, from Pamela A. Wise, Lancaster.

Betsy Jo Rose, Dallastown, from Alec Michael Rose, Red Lion.

Dennis M. Frist, York, from Victoria E. Frist, New Oxford.

Matthew I. Slagle, Harrisburg, from Jennifer M. Knight, Hallam.

Ashley Ann Eichelberger, now known as Ashley Ann Mummert, Hanover, from David Adam Eichelberger, East Berlin.

Kleta J. Childs, York, from Bruce Childs, Seven Valleys.

Tammy R. O'Neill, New Freedom, from Brian C. O'Neill, York.

Shane R. Eaton Sr., Newberry Township, from Rhonda R. Eaton, York.

Fay L. Halliburton, York, from Rudolph Lloyd Halliburton, Bowie, Md.

Erinn Nichole Davis from Clayton B. Roth, both of York.

Hiram B. Kimmel, Wrightsville, from Lea VanPelt Kimmel, Dover.

Emanuel A. Walker, Dover, from Jewel M. Walker, Hershey.

Nathan L. Hoffnagle from Lisa Hoffnagle, both of York.

John M. Hamme from Joanna L. Hamme, both of York.

Keith Andrew Reed, Thomasville, from Maria De Lourdes Meza-Montano, Gueriero, Mexico.

Lisa S. Moul, Delta, from Derek T. Moul, York.