Michelle (Schafer) and Jack Crumling III, York, Dec. 13, a son.

Stephanie and Gavin Jones, Delta, Dec. 14, a son.

Aldrika Johnson and Friday Butcher, Lancaster, Dec. 14, a son.

Rebecca Sanstead and Matthew Sommer, York, Dec. 14, a daughter.

Nicole (Lecrone) and Shawn Carbaugh, Spring Grove, Dec. 14, a son.

Becky (Barrett) and John Kauffman, Columbia, Dec. 16, a daughter.

Ashlee Lang and Mich eal Stottlemyer, York, Dec. 18, a daughter.

Jessica Warner and Marshal Hodge, York, Dec. 22, a son.

Selena and Michael Neiderer, Fairfield, Dec. 23, a son.

Lakeisha (Weaver) and Larry Hawkins Sr., York, Dec. 23, a son.

Rosa Carranaza and Gustavo Chiguichon, Chambersburg, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Brittany Kurtz, Wrightsville, Dec. 24, a son.

Jessica and Eric Klotz, York, Dec. 24, a daughter.

Lucita Klinedinst, York, Dec. 26, a daughter.

Alieta Skaggs Snyder and Joseph Payne, Dallastown, Dec. 26, a son.

Heather (Challenger) and Steven Hildebrand, Dallastown, Dec. 26, a daughter.

Allison (Chubb) and Jason Whing, Manchester, Dec. 27, a daughter.