The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Hiram Nazario Berrocales and Mayvis Baez Carbonell, both of York.

Benny Martinez DeJesus and Nilsa Diaz Melendez, both of York.

Ayman Fikry Kamel Basily and Jihan Fakhouri Malaty, both of Hatfield, Montgomery County.

David Curry and Kathleen Szepesi Renfroe, both of York.

Michael Briar and Alexis Boyd, both of Hummelstown, Dauphin County.

Christopher Houseman, Steelton, Dauphin County, and Breanna Buss, Newberry Township.

Kyle Blackledge and Heather Adkisson, both of Red Lion.

Nathan Simpson and Huiying Chen, both of Red Lion.

Allen Cook and Brittany Smeltzer, both of Wrightsville.

Paul Nace Jr. and Tara Cooper, both of York.

Scott Alexander and Lori Grill, both of Thomasville.

Roland Golder and Shirley Warner, both of Dover.

Lawrence Perry, Gettysburg, and Sharen Allen, Felton.

Brett Staughan and Anyeri Altamirano, both of York.

Edas Calderon and Antonia Mena, both of Hallam.

Ryan Scott and Syneth Hong, both of York.

Erik Miranda and Jamie Arvelo Robles, both of York.


Daryl Kyle Sr. and Crystal Colsher, both of York.

Isaac Rodriguez Rosario and Carminia Flores, both of York.

William Weaver and Megan Willow, both of Peach Bottom.

Sean Summers and Angela Barger, both of York.

Victor Ibarra Perez and Marithza Rocio Mora, both of Somerset, N.J.

Shenouda Elmalak, Hanover, and Sabrin Sadek, Matawan, N.J.

Francisco Beltran and Elba Toro, both of York.