Nyasha Cotto, York, Jan. 23, a daughter.

Aubrey Patterson, York, Jan. 23, a daughter.

Donna (Bull) and Brian Henz, Stewartstown, Jan. 23, a daughter.

Jennifer Kibler and Gary Anthony, York Haven, Jan. 23, a daughter.

Stephanie (Faretta) and Christopher Gonzalez, Spring Grove, Jan. 23, a daughter.

Brittany Lubawski and Timothy Bond, Felton, Jan. 24, a son.

Candie Atwell and David Marshall, York, Jan. 24, a daughter.

Lynette (Chamberlain) and Nick Kuliyev, York, Jan. 24, a daughter.

Emily Perkins and Mi chael Haydt, New Freedom, Jan. 24, a daughter.

Veronica (Thomas) and Charles Smith, York, Jan. 25, a son.

Bridgette Smith and Terry Potter, York, Jan. 25, a daughter.

Kristin (Judy) and Ryan Thomas, Brogue, Jan. 25, a daughter.