Layla N. Niebrugge v. Patrick W. Niebrugge, both of Dallastown.

Bridget Woltman, Red Lion, v. John Ellsworth Woltman III, Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Lori Ann Hardy, Red Lion, v. Michael L. Hardy, Brogue.

Arthur L. Lamparter Jr., Wrightsville, v. Kimberly M. Lamparter, Red Lion.

Barbara Ann Mills, Felton, v. Paul Douglas Mills, Red Lion.


Michael A. Gehly from Charmaine M. Gehly, both of York.

Bradley Miller from Joyce Miller, both of York.

Scott E. Crandall, York, from Lisa M. Crandall, Coboes, N.Y.

Lois M. Shuster, Red Lion, from Joseph M. Shuster, Tyrone, Blair County.

Leon Fetrow Jr., York, from Tammy L. Fetrow, Newberry Township.

Leslie Gunter, Liberty Township, Ohio, from Karen Gunter, Felton.

Kimberly A. Watkins, York, from Vaughn L. Watkins, Manchester.

Luong Thi Bui, York, from Tom Pham, Houston, Texas.

Jack R. Raffensberger II, York, from Denise Suzanne Raffensberger, address unknown.

Daria E. Henry, Ocean City, Md., from Jeffrey L. Henry, Red Lion.

Thomas P. Mathison from Crystal Mathison, both of York.

Jill E. Buchar, East Prospect, from Todd R. Buchar, York.


Keith M. Leese from Sherry A. Leese, both of Fawn Grove.

Brenda M. Walton from Gregory S. Walton, both of Hanover.

Louis Brown, York, from Williemae Brown, Frederick, Md.

Brian M. George, Forest Hill, Md., from Robin L. George, Mount Wolf.

Steven E. Runkle, Felton, from Kathryn D. Runkle, Red Lion.