The state's Department of Agriculture conducts yearly inspections of food-serving establishments to ensure public safety and safe food-handling practices. Schools are inspected twice per year, according to the Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratories.

Whether an establishment is considered compliant or non-compliant is the discretion of the inspector. There are, however, several violations for which inspectors should automatically consider establishments non-compliant. Called "critical violations," they include food temperature issues, issues with chemicals and how they're handled, and employee hygiene.

Depending on the severity of the situation, inspectors and their supervisors could file citations or close an establishment.

Below is a list of establishments listed for inspections conducted Sept. 26 to Oct. 2.


Bill Macks Ice Cream, 3890 Carlisle Road, Dover.

Action: Violations included unclean ice cream freezers; no trash bin for sanitary napkins in women's restroom; food was not cooled to proper temperatures after preparation; spray bottle was not labeled to identify its contents for chemicals; three-compartment sink was not properly set up to wash, rinse and sanitize; raw fish was stored over ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in freezer; bags of onions were stored on the floor; various foods were not refrigerated after opening, as stated on the label; sanitizer level exceeded allowable limits; paper towel dispenser was empty at the handwash sink in the front area; wiping cloth buckets didn't contain sanitizer; a food employee was observed touching ready-to-eat food with bare hands.


Comment: Someone who answered the phone said the restaurant has no comment.

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Central York Middle School, 1950 North Hills Road, York.

Action: Violations included the inside of an ice-scoop holder not being clean to sight and touch; raw animal food was stored over ready-to-eat food in the walk-in freezer; vinegar is stored in a spray bottle marked "do not eat."

Comment: A district spokeswoman did not return calls seeking comment.

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New China, 170 Newberry Commons, Newberry Township.

Action: Violations included egg flats-a single-use item-being reused; an empty paper towel dispenser at the handwash sink; baine marie was not maintaining appropriate temperatures; ceiling tiles were missing in the warewash area and needed replaced; old, unused equipment was stored in the back hallway area; shelving in walk-in cooler had an accumulation of food debris; wet wiping cloths were not being stored in sanitizer solution; a food slicer contained food residue; beater attached to drill had excess accumulation of dried residue and dirty drill body; sanitizer wasn't used for cleaning food contact surfaces; ready-to-eat food stored without a covering in the reach-in refrigerator; outdoor storage area for refuse was not adequately sloped to drain, as evidenced by pooling water and waste receptacle missing a plug; dumplings were not properly cooled after preparation; evidence of insect-type activity in facility and last pest service was in April; base of walls need repaired in three-compartment sink area, dishroom and storage area; plastic containers without handles were being used for scoops in bulk food.

Comment: Someone who answered the phone hung up without offering comment.

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North Salem Elementary School, 5161 N. Salem Church Road, Dover.

Action: Violations included a chemical spray bottle by the dish machine was not properly labeled; chlorine chemical sanitizer in the dishwasher was not at required levels.

Comment: Gauges on the dishwasher were broken, and the sanitization levels inside the dishwasher were safe, according to Deb Curry, food service coordinator for the district. As a precautionary measure, the school used plasticware while the dishwasher was being fixed, she said. The violations are now corrected, Curry said.

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Rivertown Restaurant, 960 Hellam St., Wrightsville.

Action: Violations included seasoned breading mix which contained clumps from meat blood or pieces of meat not being sifted every four hours or refrigerated between use; food employee put on single-use gloves without washing hands; food employee prepared food with a towel draped over their shoulder and another one threaded through their belt loops; food employees involved in food preparation were not wearing proper beard covers; various food products were being stored uncovered in various refrigerated units; plumbing was not maintained in good repair; cold water faucet at the three-basin sink behind the bar was missing or inoperable; cardboard egg crates being reused as a food contact surface to drain grease from cooked bacon slices; food was stored uncovered and directly on the floor inside the walk-in freezer; ice scoop stored directly on top and behind the soda-dispensing nozzles on the carbonated beverage machine; spoon was stored in cooked ground meat inside the walk-in freezer with the handle lying in direct contact with the cooked meat; the interior cabinet on two microwave ovens had an accumulation of dried food debris; dried, the floor-stand food mixer contained dried, hardened cheese debris; food employee prepared food while wearing an exposed bracelet on their wrist; soap and single-use paper towels were not available at the handwash sink behind the bar.

Comment: "We're taking every step to make improvements and adhere to recommendations. Many violations are minor," said Bessie Walker, manager.

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Wonderful Garden, 2044 Springwood Road, York.

Action: Violations included Aquafina water bottles were reused to store homemade cooking or seasoning sauces; single-use disposable cans were reused to prepare and store other foods; deep-fried Wonton wrappers were stored inside black trash bags; mechanical ware-washing equipment had a scum-like buildup; wiping cloths were stored in a chlorine sanitizing solution that tested at toxic levels; food employee handled soiled dishes and clean dishes without washing hands in between; employee peeled shrimp after washing dishes without washing hands before touching the food; cold water was turned off to one of two faucets at the three-basin sink; equipment not maintained in good repair or proper adjustment; reach-in refrigerator was 16 degrees above required temperature; potentially hazardous food (cooked noodles) stored inside a refrigerated unit that was 16 degrees above required temperature; cooked rice, chicken and pork were stored on countertops at room temperature during lunch rather than at proper hot or cool temperatures; food was stored uncovered in all refrigeration units; employee restroom had large holes and missing portions of wall surfaces; missing ceiling tiles inside a utility were used to store bulk ingredient containers; extremely-soiled wiping cloths were balled up in various parts of food preparation areas; clean wiping cloths, which were being stored in what the owners said was sanitizing solution, were completely rotted and fell apart like mush when handled; employee restroom in the kitchen did not have a self-closing door; pots, pans, utensils, knives, cleavers, colanders and mixing bowls, being stored as clean, contained food debris and residue; clean stock pot and woks were stored directly on the floor in the kitchen; cleavers used in food chopping were being stored between refrigerated equipment and behind other surfaces in the kitchen; in-use scoops and spoons were stored inside containers of standing water.

Comment: "We're in the process of correcting them. We were short staffed, and a lot of factors contributed to the failed inspection," said Vivian Liang, daughter of the owners.


Altland House, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bauernhof Brewing Co. LLC, 15556 Elm Drive, New Freedom.

Bob and Mins, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Boneyard Barbeque, 451 Carlisle St., Hanover.

Bricker's Doner (The), 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bricker's Grandstand, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bricker's Ice Cream, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bricker's Lemonade, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bricker's No. 2, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Bricker's No. 5, 334 Carlisle Ave., York.

Central York High School, 601 Mundis Mill Road, York.

Chick-Fil-A, 14665 Mount Airy Road, Shrewsbury.

Chili's Grill and Bar, 1295 Carlisle Road, York.

Dover Area High School, West Canal Street, Dover.

Paulus Orchards, 522 E. Mount Air Road, Dillsburg.

Sbarros Italian Eatery, 2899 Whiteford Road, York.

Wellsville Elementary School, Zeigler Road, Wellsville.