The Northeastern School Board is set to vote Monday on a budget proposal that could have a major impact on families with kindergarten students.

After a packed board meeting this week to discuss options for their $2 million deficit, the board will now vote Monday whether to stay within the property tax cap of 2.3 percent, said business manager Brian Geller.

The board had voted a few weeks ago in favor of staying within that cap, but has since indicated it wants to reconsider, which would involve rescinding the resolution.

There are two options on the table:

---Proposal A would involve staying within that 2.3 percent cap. To do so would limit the property tax revenue Northeastern could collect, Geller said. That would mean more budget cuts.

Under proposal A, Northeastern would reduce full-day kindergarten to half-day, a savings of about $325,000.

A 2.3 percent tax increase would result in a $55 tax increase for the owner of a home assessed at $100,000.

---Proposal B would involve rescinding the previous resolution to stay under the cap and instead seek exceptions to raise taxes as high as 3.6 percent.

Geller said a 3.6 percent hike would result in an $87 tax increase for a $100,000 homeowner.

Seeking exceptions does not mean they need to be used -- districts often seek them just to have the option available. But it could allow for Northeastern to maintain full-day kindergarten.

"They are definitely taking this decision very seriously," Geller said of the board.


There are other budget cuts that have been talked about, such as closing the pool. But a pool closure, always a passionate topic in Northeastern, would not need to be decided right now, Geller said.

Kindergarten needs to be figured out now in order to give parents a heads-up, he said.

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