A balding man with a flowing beard serves as the logo for a new business that's poised to open in Springettsbury Township this summer.

The brainchild of four York College graduates, Baldy Beard Brewing Co. should open on East Market Street in July, according to company president Jonpaul Terwilliger.

Terwilliger and his three partners -- all of whom are bald and bearded -- are finishing paperwork and intend to move into the business's new address next month. He declined to give the address of the vacant property until the company has received all necessary approvals.

Once they move in, renovations will begin to create a space where beers are made and sold, equipped with a custom bar and tasting room. Customers will be able to buy the product by the pint, growler or bottles to go.

The company has a Kickstarter.com project to raise $17,000 for remodeling. Backers who pledge money for the project receive rewards ranging from T-shirts to life membership in the brewery's mug club, if the company raises its full amount.

Special varieties: At first, Baldy Beard will sell one flagship brew and four seasonal flavors, releasing special varieties all year.

"Our mantra is 'unconventionally brewed, unconditionally loved,'" Terwilliger said.

One of those unconventional brews is RumpelSTOUTskin, a mixed berry Belgian stout.

"Typically Belgians don't drink stouts, but we're trying new flavors. It's fun for us and fun for the drinker," he said.

Another of Baldy Beard's brews is My Yammy Weiss, a weiss bier.

The idea for the brews grew out of a weekly meet up where the guys would try different beers and socialize. One day, after tasting some craft beers, they decided to start brewing their own.

With some help from Mr. Steve's Homebrew & Wine Supplies in Springettsbury Township, Baldy Beard Brewing Co. was born, Terwilliger said.

They decided to open their brewery in the same township "because it's the perfect link between Lancaster and York," he said.

"We wanted to bring some good craft beer and hopefully attract some Lancaster tourism," Terwilliger said.

Craft beers: The group also wanted to tap into the growing craft beer market in the region. Within the last couple of years, local brewers Liquid Hero and Mudhook and craft beer bar Holy Hound Taproom opened in York City.

"The craft beer community really sticks together," he said.

And township manager John Holman is happy to have that community growing into Springettsbury Township.

"We look forward to having a new business moving into the township," he said.

-- Candy Woodall can also be reached at cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com.