Food is a great uniter and divider.

It brings us together around the table. Friendships can be built from nothing more than, "Oh, that looks good — here, I'll trade you a bite of mine."

Discovering your perfect culinary counterpart can be as simple as marrying the one who'll eat the raisins in your granola while you chow down on the chocolate chips.

And as tastes change, you might end up apologizing to Mom for all those years you scraped the mushrooms off your steak and refused to eat them — especially when she catches you ordering mushroom-filled ravioli for dinner when you go out together.

The York Dispatch Food section aims to have the same friendly, robust discussions about food, including recipes, restaurants and food industry trends.

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Tried a recipe and found it an epic fail? Let us know.

Made it for the family and they devoured it whole? Let us know.

Want to give a shout-out to a local restaurant that went the extra mile to provide great service? Let us know.

First up is Judy Snyder of Springettsbury Township, writing in response to the restaurant review of Coomb's Tavern that ran in the Wednesday, Feb. 19, Food section.

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Well, I've been eating at Coomb's Tavern for quite a number of years, not just once, and it has been very good for lo those many years.

The menu daily specials are just that — very special. They have a salad of the week which is always great and with creative combinations of meat, veggies and/or fruit.

Perhaps the "two York County professionals" should be replaced with "two York County ordinary people."

Judy Snyder, Springettsbury Township

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Many thanks to Judy for joining the discussion and sharing what she loves about Coomb's Tavern.

Pull up a chair and don't be shy, folks — we only bite into the food.

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