The baby back ribs at the Corner Stable got two thumbs up from everyone who tried them.
The baby back ribs at the Corner Stable got two thumbs up from everyone who tried them. (submitted)

The York Dispatch restaurant reviewers Betty and Hanna made two trips to the Corner Stable, 2575 S. Queen St. (741-4320 or, for this week's review. Take it away, ladies!

Hanna: Betty and I normally eat together for these reviews, but because of her crazy schedule we had to dine separately this time. I missed her obnoxious commentary.

Since I was sans Betty, I brought my boyfriend, Mark, with me. For an appetizer we had salad and the crab pretzel, which is a large, soft pretzel covered in cheese and crab. This was amazing, with plenty of crab on a very fresh pretzel.

Mark ordered the Nicholas' Stacker, which is turkey, roast beef, sauteed onions, cole slaw and melted cheddar cheese on a toasted pretzel roll. I had a bite; it wasn't bad. As sides he got broccoli and waffle fries. The broccoli was overcooked and rubbery. But you don't come to the Corner Stable for broccoli: you come for ribs.

I ordered the baby back ribs with the sticky honey sauce, coleslaw and baked beans. The cole slaw and baked beans are made in house. The coleslaw was very good; it was sweet and not runny. I wasn't crazy about the baked beans, which tasted a little vinegary.

The ribs were the star of the meal. I shared with Mark, and he immediately regretted not getting ribs. The meat fell right off the bone, and the sauce was sweet and complemented the ribs perfectly.


Our food came out fast, our drinks were refilled (they have Diet Pepsi!), and our waitress was attentive, although she seemed rushed.

Verdict: I'm going back tomorrow night and I'm not getting a salad, an appetizer or any sides. I am getting a full rack of baby back ribs with sticky honey sauce. And Mark? He's doing the same thing.

Betty: I love Gordon Ramsey's "Kitchen Nightmares." He takes failing restaurants, changes the interior and teaches the chef new menus.

The Corner Stable’s crab pretzel appetizer — a soft pretzel smothered with cheese and crab meat — is "amazing," Hanna says.
The Corner Stable's crab pretzel appetizer — a soft pretzel smothered with cheese and crab meat — is "amazing," Hanna says. (submitted)

Walking into Corner Stable with my family, I thought the place had received a Ramsey makeover. Gone was the weird neon decor, although the creepy wood carving in the middle of the room will cause nightmares for weeks.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear no one taught the chef to cook anything but ribs: We started with a burned fried onion.

My husband and sons had ribs and agree with Hanna's rib review.

I had the barbecue chicken three-piece meal. The breast was incredibly dry, the thigh and drumstick burned. I choked down what I could.

My daughter ordered pretzel-wrapped hot dogs off the children's menu. She was served three tiny, soggy, seemingly microwaved pretzel nuggets stuffed with cocktail wieners. The pretzel was so chewy she was afraid she'd break her braces. She took the wieners out but after one bite declared them disgusting and asked if she could just eat something at home.

Our waitress had a surly demeanor and walked by our empty glasses repeatedly. Her behavior might have been excusable if the restaurant was busy, but the place was almost empty.

My verdict: If you don't mind the smoke while walking in and the poor service, and if you only order the ribs, you might be fine. For my money, you're better off elsewhere.

— Hanna and Betty are the alter egos of two York County professionals who love dining out. Want to recommend a restaurant for review? Email food editor Mel Barber at with your suggestion.