The pizza at Alberto’s features a very thin crust and isn’t overly greasy.
The pizza at Alberto's features a very thin crust and isn't overly greasy. (Hanna photo)

This time out, the York Dispatch restaurant reviewers Hanna and Betty sampled Alberto's Pizza, 2736 S. Queen St., Dallastown (741-3854 or

Hanna: Being an Italian from New York, I have very specific requirements for my pizza. And I recognize that what I like might be completely different from what Betty likes. Go figure.

I like my pizza sauce sweet, with no oregano, and the crust thin, but not too thin, and crispy. I also like a bubble in the crust; that's an added bonus.

I'm always looking for great pizza. While York has several good pizza joints, no matter how many I try, Marcello's in York City is my favorite. I can eat that pizza cold it's so good.

Recently we ate at Alberto's Pizza in Dallastown, and while it was good, it wasn't Marcello's for me.

Our group ordered four different toppings: plain cheese, meatball, sausage, and pineapple with ham. I have never understood the whole pineapple and ham thing (pizza is not supposed to have fruit on it), so Peter ate that. I had a slice of the plain and a slice of the meatball.

Alberto's pizza has a very thin crust. I don't use a fork and knife for pizza, and the super-thin crust made folding the pizza a little messy. The cheese and sauce made the crust soggy, especially towards the tip.

The pizza wasn't very greasy, though. I blot my pizza with napkins, and there wasn't much grease here.


The sauce was good, but not sweet enough for me. However, I didn't taste any oregano, either.

Peter and I had an antipasto of lettuce with salami, cheese and ham, which we both really enjoyed. Everything was very fresh and the lettuce was crisp.

Our service was good. Our friendly, patient waitress kept our drinks refilled, brought out extra napkins, and got us a box to go so Peter could bring home the pineapple and ham "pizza."

Alberto’s garlic bread, above, and children’s spaghetti meal, below.
Alberto's garlic bread, above, and children's spaghetti meal, below. (Betty photos)

Two large pies, two kids' meals, garlic bread with cheese, the antipasto and sodas cost about $45.

Verdict: The pizza was good but not great, primarily because of the sauce and the very thin crust. However, if you don't like a sweet sauce, this sauce might be perfect for you. If you like pizza, you should check Alberto's out, because it might turn out to be your Marcello's.

Betty: With three kids involved in sports and other activities, I often grab pizza for a quick meal. While I can't say I've eaten at every pizza place in York County, I've tried my fair share and then some. I feel pretty confident when I say that Alberto's pizza was simply not good.

The crust was, as Hanna mentioned, paper thin. As such, even though there wasn't a ton of grease, what grease there was completely soaked the crust. The sauce tasted like unseasoned canned tomato sauce from the grocery shelf. The meatballs, which were barely present on the pizza, were dry and bland. I couldn't bring myself to try a second slice.

Super-secret kid reviewer C, who can happily eat three slices, also stopped at one, declaring the pizza tasteless.

Super-secret kid reviewers A and M ordered off of the children's menu.

A, as usual, ordered chicken tenders, which she declared OK but not flavorful.

M ordered spaghetti and refused to eat more than one bite, saying it tasted like SpaghettiOs. I thought he was being dramatic until I tasted it, too.

Children’s spaghetti meal.
Children's spaghetti meal. ( Betty photo)

We also tried the garlic cheese bread as an appetizer. The bread was wet and not crunchy, the cheese partially melted and a weird consistency, and the taste was, like the pizza, bland.

Verdict: I wanted to like Alberto's. It's on my route home from work and soccer and would have been wonderfully convenient, but I wouldn't want to eat there again.

— Hanna and Betty are the alter egos of two York County women who love dining out. Want to recommend a restaurant for review? Email food editor Mel Barber at with your suggestion.