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'Very good' pizza

I have a few comments on the review of Alberto's Pizza in (the July 30) paper.

First let me say that our group of five or six guys eat there almost every Monday night. I have never gotten what I consider less than a very good pizza, whether it is a large or personal size.

The evaluation that the reviewer likes a "sweet pizza" is what I would call strange. Personally I like a pizza sauce that is tangy, not sweet. If they want sweet, I would suggest a cherry or chocolate pie.

And as far as thickness, they should go to Pizza Hut, which gives you about five different thicknesses, as I feel the thickness is just right to eat a pizza properly (which is just pick it up and eat it). I would not describe it as "super thin" — that would be the "thin and crispy" Pizza Hut pizza.

As far as oregano, this is a personal choice. I have a friend that takes the oregano and shakes a large amount on his slices. So even mentioning this is counterproductive.

I have never had the child's spaghetti so I have no comment, but the garlic bread I have had there was very good, crispy and tasty.

So my final comment is this evaluation was very slanted to one person's taste and it was not fair to Alberto's, which does an excellent job on the entire menu.


Your evaluation should be more forgiving as you do affect the livelihood of a particular business and by the size of the crowds we see there most people would not agree with you and demonstrates that Alberto's must be doing something right.

Jac Reichley

Jackson Township