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Longtime fan

I would like to preface my remarks by stating that I have experienced and enjoyed virtually every item on Alberto's menu multiple times since roughly 1969. I have known three generations of the proprietors of the business, starting with "Mom & Pop Alberto," "Big Al," and now his son "Little Al." With all that being said, I feel I must agree with Mr. Reichley (whose letter was in the Aug. 6 edition), and take exception with your reviewers' very narrow view of Alberto's (in the July 30 edition).

Personally, sometimes I want "thin crust," but sometimes I want something more substantial so I, unlike any of your reviewers, order "Sicilian Crust," problem solved. Sometimes I am all about the sauce, sometimes I'm indifferent about it, and other times sauce is not what I want. I eat the sauce as-is or seasoned to "my" liking, and I have the option of ordering a White Pizza. Alberto's philosophy has always been that they cook for the masses and make things available to make the taste your own.

I recognize your reviewers have a right to their opinions, but when they have the advantage of access to the printed word, they should differentiate between personal taste and general quality.


In closing, I will say I find Alberto's menu choices very good across the board, with one exception. The eggplant parmigiana items are terrible — but I hate eggplant, even when I make it for my wife at home. There's no accounting for taste.

Ronald Keller

York Township