Amid potential cuts announced Monday, the York City School District's returning performing arts program is helping the district close a budget gap.

The William Penn Performing Arts Institute is attracting an additional 200 students to the city high school, said Superintendent Eric Holmes.

"We do now anticipate a high number returning because of the performing arts," he said.

Those students will add $2.2 million to the budget, he said.

New Hope: They previously attended New Hope Academy Charter School, which closed this month after the district revoked its charter.

Out of the 650 students who attended New Hope, the district so far has 225 returning.

It's those 200 returning to the high school's performing arts institute that will give the district the biggest boost.

Fall enrollment is currently open for students in grades 9-12 to choose among seven beginner-level courses: acting, creative writing, dance, directing, poetry, stage management, technical theater and voice.

The William Penn Performing Arts Institute is a partnership with the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, which is coordinating the program.

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