Makeup artist Maggie King, right prepares model Alexandria Bream for the Spring Forward Fashion Show at the Bond building.
Makeup artist Maggie King, right prepares model Alexandria Bream for the Spring Forward Fashion Show at the Bond building. (Randy Flaum photo

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There were no posters of teenager heart throbs on Maggie King's childhood bedroom walls.

Hers were "collaged in fashion models and clothing."

In 29 years, King has grown from a girl with her nose in fashion magazines to a woman who's put her creative instincts to work helping brides feel beautiful on their wedding days.

The Spring Garden Township woman, who returned to York County recently after years in the Las Vegas fashion industry, has launched Maggie King Makeup Artistry.

King, who earned a degree in fashion design, can paint avant garde faces of striking colors and sharp angles.

"But I prefer just real women," she said. "I'm truly a girls' girl."

King, who graduated from York Suburban in 2002, said she was 15 when she started working in a local bridal dress shop, helping women find wedding and prom gowns.

Customers turned into clients who wanted King's help with makeup help on their big day.

While she enjoyed the work, King said she thought she'd use her artistic talents for painting or drawing.

"All through high school I won awards for art shows," she said.

But, during her time at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, King turned again to fashion.

After college, King traveled to New York City and Las Vegas, where she worked for well-known fashion brands like Gucci and the QVC

She said she had a great time there -- and the paychecks were nice too.

"I came home because my grandma was battling stomach cancer," King said.

Since her return to York a year and a half ago, King's grandmother and father have passed away.

In the midst of loss, King found herself doing makeup for friends on their wedding days.

"And then I kind of just jumped into it," she said.

King recently lended her makeup services to models at a fashion show hosted by the Parliament downtown. She's also done work for photo shoots of the new YRK magazine.

But brides are the focus of her new company, which has a website at

King said she's done about 200 weddings -- jobs that translate into lasting relationships and happy memories.

"People stop me at the grocery store all the time," she said.