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Pat Delany

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    LETTERS: Open letter to Gov. Wolf, legislators from York County nonprofits

    11/06/2015 01:49 PM EST
    As leaders of York County's nonprofit organizations, we are sensitive to the behind-the-door realities of budget negotiations. We appreciate the hard work it takes to draft sensible legislation. Further, we are grateful when our legislative leaders take a stand to demand legislation that best serves our communities. 
    Full Story
    LETTER: A 'heartfelt thank you' from Byrnes
    11/06/2015 10:28 AM EST - Congratulations to all the candidates from Tuesday's general election in York County. Participating in a system that engages differing opinions and places the final decision in the hands of a voting populace is the epitome of our democracy in action. Full Story

    LETTER: Don't let bullies steal the milk money
    11/05/2015 12:26 PM EST - Pennsylvania milk drinkers, did you know that 16 cents of every gallon of milk you purchase is collected to fund an "over-order premium"? Full Story

    LETTER: Great mix of taste, tradition at Oyster Festival
    11/05/2015 12:25 PM EST - Oyster Festival morning 2015 dawned cool and crisp — one of the chilliest in its 41-year history — but hardy Yorkers were not to be deterred, and the tradition lived on. Full Story

    LETTER: Future in good hands with these Scouts
    11/04/2015 12:22 PM EST - On Saturday, Oct. 24, we attended the Boy Scout Wizard Safari at the Wizard Ranch. This three-day camp-out and events was attended by hundreds of Scouts, their leaders, friends and families. Full Story

    LETTER: TRICARE hikes not justified
    11/03/2015 11:10 AM EST - Frankly, I and my family are very upset at seeing our military benefits package suffer one hit after another as national leaders view service members like every other citizen. Full Story

    LETTER: Perry too extreme for York County
    11/03/2015 11:11 AM EST - Congressman Scott Perry again showed that he is too conservative for York County and insensitive to the needs of seniors by voting against the bipartisan budget deal. Full Story

    LETTER: York County Veterans Affairs office needs help
    11/03/2015 11:12 AM EST - There are over 40,000 veterans in York County. Providing help and information to these veterans is the York County Veterans Affairs. Full Story

    LETTER: Byrnes best choice for commissioner
    10/30/2015 01:17 PM EDT - York County citizens, and especially its veterans, need and want a commissioner who is committed to their quality of life and success. Full Story

    LETTER: Support a Fresh Change in Hellam Twp.
    10/30/2015 01:16 PM EDT - This November we have six choices for Hellam Township supervisor, and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce three fantastic candidates who deserve your vote. Full Story

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  • Sony employees' hacking suit settlement gets preliminary OK

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a settlement of up to $8 million between Sony Pictures Entertainment and current and former employees related to the hack of the company's computers last year. Full Story