I'm confused. I keep hearing the phrase "the Democrat party" but not "the Republic party," as though saving a precious second by shortening "Democratic" is good, whereas saving one more by shortening "Republican" isn't. What gives?

While we're on that subject, though, I'd like to point out that the Republic party's nickname -- Grand Old Party, or GOP -- is a howling misnomer since that party is considerably younger than whatever they're calling the other party this week. Wouldn't it make more sense to call it the Grand Young Party, or GYP?

Just asking.

To top things off, the GYP is now trying to repeal laws requiring equal pay for women, even while piously proclaiming that it isn't waging war against us. I'm starting to wonder if the GYP has its own secret dictionary that the rest of us aren't allowed to see.

If nothing else, this trend should cripple attempts to make English our national language, since nobody's speaking it anymore anyway. I mean, what's the point of promoting a dead language?

Carol H. Brown

Dover Township