I read in the Sept. 12th issue of the York Dispatch about the York Bears Youth Football group's request that a $600 fee be waived for their use of Small Athletic Field.

Mr. Chatman, are you aware of the fact that the School District of the City of York had to cut many of its sports programs this year? We currently can only offer our students football, volleyball, basketball and track. Along with those cuts, music, art and educational programs were cut.

To waive the fee for your organization simply would not be fair to the school district's students. I have two children who expected to be able to swim and play soccer for William Penn and are now denied that opportunity because of the lack of money. My son's college application may raise questions when it is noticed that he only participated in these sports for his first two years of high school. Is he a "sports dropout"? Is this the type of student that we want at our college?

I have nothing against the program that you are trying to run and what you offer to the younger kids. But this is not the time to be asking the school district to fund your program. If the participant fees are not enough to cover this $600, then those within your organization should fundraise or run your own concession stand to make that money.

The William Penn Music Booster Club, with the help of many community members, has been raising funds in order to supplement the school district's funding of music programs. I believe this group has funded the salaries for the assistant marching band director, colorguard instructor and Serenaders director. Why should this group need to fundraise for school district opportunities and your group be given a waiver?


Beth Fogleman