The editorial printed in the Sept. 18 Opinion section concerning rehabilitation of Continental Square brought out some excellent points.

The money to do the "study" and the follow-up "study" and then the follow-up, follow-up "study" could be much better spent in purchasing empty lots and turning them into free parking lots and also in purchasing new, bright lighting for the whole downtown area to provide more safety features, and then even sprucing up the square without doing waterfalls and timed dances and other assorted gimmicks.

Put in some of the excellent recycled sculptures done by local artists, and it will be first-rate.

In fact the money already spent on the first "study" was probably sufficient to do some of these things.

Come on York -- money thrown down the drain is money thrown down the drain. No other way to put it, and York can't afford it.

Judy Orcutt

Spring Garden Twp.