This letter is written to encourage private contributions to White Rose Community Television.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve Busch, the general manager of the station, a few years ago when the weekly broadcasts of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir were discontinued by Hallmark Channel. After contacting the choir's administration (and at their suggestion), I contacted Steve, who agreed to broadcast the choir on WRCT.

The broadcasts of this fine musical group have been available to WRCT's audience ever since. This program and the many other excellent, locally produced programs on WRCT are not available on any other station. If the station is forced to shut down, these programs will disappear.

With shrinking financial support from the City of York, the only way local cable subscribers will continue to receive this programming is for the listeners to step up and contribute to the station to make up the shortfall in the station's budget. Please send your generous contribution (check written to City of York with WRCT on the memo line) to WRCT, 101 S. George St., PO Box 509, York, PA17405.

You and everyone who appreciates and enjoys the fine programming offered on WRCT will be glad you did.

Ronald J. Reinhard

York Twp.