I believe Harry Perkinson is the right person to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has carefully thought about the issues he will face when he goes to Washington, but he's not a career politician. He has life experiences that will allow him to understand the problems and aspirations of regular people, since he has been an hourly worker, worked his way through college, owned his own business and raised children here in York County. He is tired of congressmen who work for their party instead of for the good of our country.

If you will take the time to carefully read or watch them, you will find his positions on Social Security, Medicare, jobs creation, education, health care and other issues make good sense to citizens of south-central Pennsylvania.

I especially like what he says about the federal deficit. To paraphrase: A balanced budget amendment would not solve our problems. It would actually limit Congress' ability to act in time of crisis. Instead, whenever we increase spending there must a be corresponding increase in income or a cut in some other program, and we need legislators such as Harry who will do just that.

Cheryl Huber

Springettsbury Twp.