Another election day looms. Unfortunately, many are frustrated and disillusioned with their elected officials. However, there is a local legislator who has worked tirelessly for his constituents and has earned the right to return to Harrisburg.

The citizens of the 47th district have an opportunity to re-elect a proven leader who understands what it means to "serve" and "represent." That leader is Keith Gillespie. Keith demonstrates a strong work ethic, sound judgment and dedication to the people of the community he serves. He's a fiscal conservative who has returned cost-of-living increases, refused a state (taxpayer-funded) car, declined per diems and has a 100 percent attendance record representing his district.

Keith is a longtime member of his community. He knows his constituents, their values. Keith is available to listen, assist and promote legislation to address their concerns.

Keith has supported, sponsored, co-sponsored and/or initiated legislation, including protecting children from sexual predators, reducing the size of the Legislature, reducing or eliminating property taxes and holding convicted criminals accountable for court costs.

I urge the voters of the 47th district to support Keith Gillespie on Tuesday and return him to Harrisburg.

Karen Carroll

Lower Windsor Twp.