Once again we see our "highly respected elected officials" spending money like drunken sailors. The fiscal cliff bill that was signed includes:

---$430 million for Hollywood.

---$331 million for railroads.

---$220 million for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

---$70 million for NASCAR for accelerated depreciation.

---$59 million for algae growers.

---$4 million for electric motorcycle manufacturers.

It seems nothing can be passed into law without adding pork. Isn't it a shame that the good of the nation is not more important than special interests?

Also, with all of the talk of raising taxes, cutting spending and such, has anyone even heard a whisper about cutting foreign aid? How many billions do we send to countries that literally hate us or that have far more money than we do? Saudi Arabia is an example of a country with a better balance sheet than the good old USA, yet we still send them aid.

And the list goes on and on.

Dale Carr