It's time to do with what we have. Whether it's the state legislators, school boards or county commissioners, they all have one thing in common. Spend, spend, spend.

This latest project -- an addition to the prison -- is just another way of telling us that they screwed up for not including the expansion in other projects. The county engineer estimates the project to cost $6.3 million.

Is that before the prevailing wage? This obscene law will most likely add an additional 30 percent to the tab, so we're not looking at $6.3 million but $8.1 million.

What are they doing with the money they get from the government to house all the illegal aliens?

Don't these people know when to stop? Maybe you just need to live with the conditions for a while longer.

I for one am fed up with amount of taxes I pay each year.

And then there's the $5 Municipal Administration Fee added to each Penn Waste bill. The trash cost before Penn took over was $46 per quarter. Now it's $52.50 plus the $5 administration fee, more than a $10 dollar increase.

Jerry Abenshon

Springettsbury Twp.