In his Jan. 2 column, Eugene Robinson mentions a few statistics and then skirts around the edges in a misguided effort to further his agenda.

He is a true practitioner of journalistic obscurantism. He tries to equate British "subjects" with U.S. "citizens." Bad idea, especially when pertaining to firearms. That is why Washington Post columnists should not be allowed to try to write anything about guns.

British "subjects" are not allowed a weapon to protect themselves or their families from thieves and murderers. Maybe they can do it with a cricket bat. Fearing a Nazi invasion in World War II, the British pleaded for guns to arm their "subjects" because they had previously disarmed them. The NRA supported the effort to arm the British "subjects" and sent them many privately owned guns.

Now we have uninformed people like Robinson trying to denigrate the NRA and use this organization of law-abiding citizens as a "whipping boy" in order to exploit a tragedy.

He tries to make a point by citing the New England Journal of Medicine paper by Kellermann. The Kellermann paper had been discredited by many scholars a long time ago. Robinson seems confused about what happened at Columbine and completely distorts the NRA position on gun issues. He contributes nothing.

I never read any thing written by an anti-Second Amendment journalist that indicated knowledge of firearms or firearm laws. The York Dispatch can do better. Please try.

George A. Herman

York Twp.