Can't we just leave the past in the past?

State Reps. Ron Miller, Seth Grove and The York Dispatch, please tell the whole story on small games of chance:

Everyone from Gov. Tom Corbett to community leaders agree money is not available in their budgets to help charities.

Why are the above so intent on not helping organizations? If they feel a problem exists with these organizations, correct the problem; don't punish the charities, senior citizens and York County.

Government should be for everyone and club members deserve some consideration also. An estimated figure of club members in York County alone is over 100,000 members.

Please understand I am not trying to solicit people to join clubs. I am more interested in trying to explain why clubs have a problem with the new gambling law and how if it is implemented properly hundreds of thousands of dollars can and will be given to charities throughout York County and Pennsylvania. Probably, in reality millions of dollars.

Mr. Miller, Mr. Grove and your article Our Views does not explain the truth about the law or the 30 percent clubs can keep. The truth is the clubs are restricted as to what they can use the 30 percent for and it cannot be used for club operations like wages, liquor, beer or numerous other items. No business in America has restrictions on how they can spend their money. Where did this come from?


Many of your comments and accusations are correct. Many also are incorrect. Social clubs, VFWs and American Legions did give money to charities, veteran organizations, families in need, kids sporting groups, etc. in the past. You are correct about the amounts, but let's let the past in the past and go forward and discuss what can now happen in the future since the new law has been implemented.

Let's look at what these organizations can and will do for all charities, senior centers, veterans and people in need of help if we can get some changes in the law that allow all organizations to remain operating.

For these organizations to remain open they must keep their prices down so families and members can afford to use these establishments, and believe it or not it relieves stress spending time with family and friends in a very clean and safe environment.

No organization can survive operating on the sale of alcohol, food and soda unless prices are raised to restaurant prices in which membership then suffers. Operating cost to run a club is very high. No need to go into taxes and insurance plus salaries and maintenance costs.

Has anyone involved in your news report investigated how much money organizations have donated to various charities in York County and to the City of York in 2012?

Mr. Miller's comments of not caring about clubs going out of business is out of line. Is he or any other elected official going to donate the money these organizations will if they are allowed to remain open? Please ask some York City officials, the veterans and the Susan Burns Group what their feelings are. Again, the law is needed. It just needs refined to help everyone.

One last comment: There are five organizations that I am involved with that have donated $301,000 in the York area for six months only.

Imagine what all the organizations in York County alone have donated. I don't feel Mr. Miller or Mr. Grove have done their homework. Gov. Corbett and all the Pennsylvania mayors are correct when they say there is no money for senior citizens and various charities. Another reason to let organizations do their part. Forget the past. Let's go forward. We will help!

No organization, including our government, has proven to be perfect. The ninety-10 rule exists in all groups. Ninety good, 10 not so good -- human nature.

Remember, two wrongs don't make a right. Please discuss what it takes to correct the problem with the proper people involved and what happened in the past is history. It can't be changed but the future can be very rewarding for everyone. Let us help and go forward, please.

I am very pleased to be on a committee that makes decisions as to where our donations are going. It's very rewarding to present checks to needy groups and see and feel their response. Tears flow.

Ike Heilman

East Manchester Twp.