To harass and endanger -- that must be the motto of the Northern York County Regional Police.

Why does our family think that? Because last night, a Northern Regional officer arrested my married son and took him to Central Booking for a 10-year old unpaid, $50 parking ticket.

The officer stopped my son on North George Street, close to Route 30, due to a brake light that was not working on his minivan.

When the officer found the old warrant for the unpaid parking ticket, he put my son in the back of his police car and took him to Central Booking and kept in a holding cell with drug dealers and prostitutes for several hours.

My son was then released to walk alone back to his car, over a mile away.

How many people have been mugged for their cell phones, or shot for being on a sidewalk at the wrong time in York City? Many.

But the officer had no consideration for his safety, only for "serving a warrant."

My son had not received any notice of the warrant via mail since 2004 (just before he was deployed to Kuwait) and had forgotten about it.

If he had been assaulted or shot, then Northern Regional Police would have had a real crime to investigate on the area's tax dollars.

But a good man, on his way home from doing a good deed for some York City youth, might have been lost to his wife and four children.

Do the police leave behind common sense when they put on a badge?


Perhaps someone should consider police procedures when taking a person far from his or her car, then telling them to walk back to it, alone, at whatever time of day or night they are released.

Cecile Fetters

Codorus Twp.