I first heard about Common Core Standards (CCS) at a recent South Eastern school board meeting. CCS is touted as "national" standards that create consistency among all schools across the country for testing and assessments. It was presented as something that organically came out of a state-by-state effort to improve education. This is simply not true.

Two D.C.-based trade associations, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, developed CCS. Many states adopted the standards before they were even written. Much of the specific standards are not supported by research but are considered experimental. The Gates Foundation funded many of the groups involved in developing the standards.

CCS is being pushed out nationwide all at once with only a few states rejecting them without any data or evidence that our children will be getting a better education.

States are faced with a false choice. Want out of No Child Left Behind? Accept CCS. Accept Race To The Top money? CCS comes with it.

Of the 135-person panel that developed CCS, not a single one of them was a K-3 classroom teacher or early childhood professional.

Have school districts held public forums to inform parents of the changes and give them the opportunity to ask questions? Is information on CCS included on the school districts' websites? Do we know how much the implementation of CCS will cost?


Furthermore, federalization of testing/curriculum standards will sabotage the school choice movement as private schools are also adopting CCS for "comparative" purposes. The test often ends up dictating the curriculum.

Shouldn't something of this magnitude receive more public scrutiny and debate?

Frances Fulton

East Hopewell Twp.