First off, I'd like to say that I like to enjoy an adult beverage as much, if not even more, than the next person. Having said that, I think that our current system works just about as good as any.

I know on the surface, supporters of the changes seem to be so concerned about convenience of the customer. The truth though is dollars -- the dollars people/retailers see state stores and distributors making. Those dollars they want for themselves. Politician support comes from dollars of those same people who donate to them to support their lust. Other support comes from future DUIers; those who with better access can become part of the problem.

We all have read in this paper where DUI has become more and more of a problem with the cost of needing to employ more police, more court time cost, more cost in prison space, cost needed to feed and care for these people, more cost to check on the parole of these people and cost (dollars and emotions) each family that has to endure when family members get entangled.

Then there are all those agencies asking for more dollars to fix all those people with drinking problems we now have. Who pays these costs? Not the people/retailers who swim in the profit from the change.

Another observation, I have been in other states with retail liquor access, and I hardly ever see where their prices are lower than ours.


In the end, common logic has to ask, how can you make something better by doing more of what is causing the problem? If DUI is a problem at the current level of alcohol access, how will it be made better by allowing even more alcohol access? I guess it would makes sense to those whose basements are flooded and their solution is to add more water.

Larry Aiken

Hellam Twp.