Republican Sen. Pat Toomey has betrayed gun owners throughout Pennsylvania and the nation. He has compromised with Democrats in pushing additional unconstitutional gun laws that further restrict our Second Amendment rights. Pat's pretending to be conservative while siding with tyranical President Obama and those who say they care about gun violence but really only care about amassing power and intimidating citizens.

A well-armed, law-abiding populace is the best deterrent to violent crime.

Toomey claims to be closing loopholes with his "compromise," but these loopholes are tightening around peaceful citizens' necks. For example, the "mental health" provision can mean anything the high-and-mighty deign it to be -- including being a veteran, contributing to certain causes, or going regularly to church.

Tell Sen. Toomey you are dissatisfied with his stance. Phone (202) 224-4254 (Washington), (610) 434-1444 (Allentown), or email from

Blair Woodcock

Republican committeeman

East Manchester Twp.