It is time for York County to elect a forensic registered nurse to serve as our coroner. Pam Gay is the perfect candidate.

As a nurse myself, I had the privilege of teaching and supervising nurse aide students in extended care facilities with Pam Gay. I can attest to her medical insight, professionalism, teaching skills and compassion for people who are hurting.

I have watched her grow into a community leader with the business skills to run the coroner's office, the legal skills to navigate the judicial system, the medical skills to have the wisdom to make the right call, the communication skills of a journalist and the teaching skills of a seasoned educator.

Pam's campaign theme, "A nurse's touch," exemplifies her caring attitude and love for people, and is what I have witnessed in her bedside manner.

Republicans, please join me and vote for Pam Gay for York County Coroner on May 21.

Cynthia Hooper

Conewago Twp.