Dispersal is the quickest and easiest option for the York City School District and keeps many teachers and administrators in place, depending on what grades make the most sense to disperse to other schools -- schools that are already succeeding, not to schools that don't even exist and that ultimately end up being an experiment, potentially losing generations of children.

Dispersal doesn't cost anymore because students are being fed to alternate districts with lower expenses.

Most importantly, it preserves the very classes that make our schools and children more successful than in other countries, the creative classes like the arts, music, humanities, philosophy, etc. are what teach our children to be critical thinkers and how to think of new ideas and not just how to survive.

It's a fallacy to believe that continuing what we have already or creating charter schools, which are just another word for privatization, are the solutions. Europeans are already rioting in the streets as they're facing losing their schools, pensions, healthcare, water rights, and every other government service is being privatized for corporate profits ultimately forcing them into a life of servitude.

This fight doesn't end with the schools. This is a fight about Democracy and capitalism, who controls and who profits. The capitalists are trying, and I'll add very successfully, to destroy our society. This is only one front in the battle to save the American Dream.

Todd Clay

York City