I would like to give a different perspective to the helicopter ride attraction at the York Fair.

The helicopters do indeed "create a buzz" and "make their presence known." And not in a good way.

During fair hours, every 15 or so minutes, those helicopters fly over my neighborhood. The noise they create is very, very bothersome and disruptive. It is noise pollution of the worst sort.

"Awesome," says the helicopter owner, licking his chops over the money he is making. Not so. "Awful" is the word I would use. Being subject to the drumming of helicopter blades for 10 days is not very much fun for those on the ground.

I would urge the York Fair officials to consider this when booking attractions. The helicopter ride is a rude invasion of surrounding neighborhoods. I would also urge any one who is also bothered or annoyed over this noise to contact the fair and make some "noise" of their own.

Marcella Marshall

York City