Armed, uniformed police patrolling our schools?

Problem: There is no doubt that children are a growing threat to one another as well as to teachers, administrators and even neighborhoods.

Our solution: Develop and install a greater, more intimidating threat to maintain control.

Might there be a better, more effective solution?

There is no question that one of the most admirable character qualities in a child is obedience -- Obedience that comes from within, not forced from without.

Picture the child chasing a ball between parked cars, brakes squealing, a broken, bleeding body being picked up by EMT, an emotional, distraught driver, tied-up traffic, police reports, insurance papers, hospital recovery and remorseful parents ... all could have been prevented by a child well trained to respond instantly to one word: "Stop."

Thanks to our litigious society, parents are prohibited from applying the "board of education to the seat of learning" until it's too late. Gone are the days when a child, in trouble in school, would also be in trouble at home. Note that an obedient child is rarely in need of punishment. A pat on the back is preferred to a swat on the seat. Many a child is in need of a hug, but teachers, thanks to our idiotic laws, must not touch a child.

Discipline has more to do with training, developing self-control and submission to authority than to punishment.

Blessed is the child who early learns obedience and does not need classrooms patrolled by armed, uniformed police.

Fred Battles

Chanceford Twp.