In response to West York Councilwoman Nancy Laird's failure to vote on the issue of removal or keeping parking meters in the borough, I suggest to Nancy that it is time for her to ask the residents about the issue.

She said the issue comes up each year, and she doesn't know how to vote on it.

Perhaps some discussions with the residents and businesses affected by it may help out.

But that would mean listening to these residents and acting on their suggestions which is definitely not what the Laird, Tim Berkheimer, Steve Herman, Sam Firestone and Shane Louthian group does.


Remember the debacle of tearing up the bid for police services from other municipalities?

That was all due to Council President Herman not informing residents what sparked an interest in requesting the proposals when asked that question by a news reporter.

In the meter situation, the group professes to want to lower taxes but now seems to be willing to give up an income source with no idea of how to fill the void.

To quote Berkheimer, when asked how he would suggest the borough refund the money already collected for the metered parking spots, "We'll have to pay them next year, I guess."

Laird doesn't know how to vote, and Berkheimer makes a motion on something he cannot defend.

Listen to the residents, Firestone, Herman, Berkheimer, Louthian and Laird, and you may all know how to vote the next time.


Charlene Laughman

West York