We are writing on behalf of Spoutwood Farm, in response to the article "York Pagan Festival aims to dispel misconceptions," penned by Christina Kauffman.

The article mentions "a Fairie Festival (a pagan-inspired festival near Glen Rock)." As we are in Glen Rock and have for many years sponsored the May Day Fairie Festival, we must assume the reporter is referring to our event.

We would like to set the record straight. We are not a pagan-inspired organization, nor is the festival pagan-inspired. Our event, which is held during the weekend before Mother's Day, is a family friendly, non-religious gathering that celebrates Spoutwood Farm's commitment to healthy living on healthy land. Through experiential education, we aim to build a community working towards a just and lasting peace within our selves, which appreciates and values our communities and this earth.

We welcome visitors of all faiths to come and enjoy Spoutwood Farm at any time of year.

Rob and Lucy Wood

Owners of Spoutwood Farm

Glen Rock