In response to Charlene Laughman's letter on West York's parking meters, first off, I did walk Market Street a few weeks ago and couldn't find a single resident or business owner who wanted parking meters in front of their homes or businesses. \

Would you want one in front of your house you? I'd like to make a motion at the next borough council meeting to have a meter installed in front of yours, Shelley Metzler's and Brian Wilson's homes, and see how you like it.

As for the cost of reimbursing residents who paid a total of $4,000 to park in front of their homes, there would be a balance of about $600 to be refunded collectively. Individuals would probably not waste their time to reclaim a few dollars, but would be overjoyed to have the parking meters removed.

Perhaps you, Wilson, Metzler and Annette "Chickie" Christine should be more concerned with how taxpayers are going to pay for all of the West York's police officers (who are resigning in droves, the money for unused sick days averaging $25,000 per officer).

Let's not forget the lawsuits being filed against this police department and the legal fees being racked up by Chief Justin Seibel to CGA Law Firm. Also, the Bridgette Wilson fiasco created by Chief Seibel could cost the taxpayers another $300,000 or more.

Charlene, you should be more concerned about the escalating cost of this police department and not the predatory parking meters.

As far as Metzler, Wilson and Christine and their voting to shred the unopened police proposals, there is no excuse for immaturity.


Tim Berkheimer


West York