My wife gets tired of hearing me say it: "Incompetence is rampant throughout all levels of society." I think that condition, coupled with the greed of human nature, has led our great country into the perilous times in which we now live.

My father spoke of the concern his large-corporation leaders had for the overall good of the country back in the days after World War II. With the advent of a global economy and thoughts of global stability, combined with the principles stated above, our current leaders cannot get out of their own way to make long-term progress. Even if they want to make changes when they are elected to go to Washington, the established hierarchy of power won't let them.

Alas, those problems and big-business control of the news media are so large and complex that we can't understand even half of what is really going on.

If we citizens are going to be able to control or change anything, maybe we'd better start with something smaller and closer to home. Property tax reform for Pennsylvania would be a good way to start. York County Commissioner Steve Chronister has brought this issue up several times, and has lately suggested that as a major platform item to run on for the upcoming state Senate seat being vacated by Mike Waugh. This would be a very good first step toward correcting several core problems in our state.


I think we would all agree on some things: Putting the family farm out of business is bad, our schools are having great financial difficulty, and blight and poverty in center cities are terrible circumstances. Property tax reform, if instituted well, could have great impact on these issues. Consider this topic as you begin to budget for next year's school tax bill and support Steve Chronister's efforts.

Bob Searer

Hellam Twp.