I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to the Yorktown Park community build on Sept. 27.

Just days prior, the site was bare ground; then in under five hours on the Sept. 27 the site was transformed, with a new, larger play structure, new picnic tables, new benches and a community garden. This was all accomplished with the help of the more than 300 volunteers who were on site.

It was a day I personally will never forget. I must thank the project sponsor -- ES3 LLC and its employees, locally and those who came from as far as Keene, N.H., to participate, as well as the City of York and its Bring on Play committee.

I wish I could acknowledge each individual and/or business that helped but I would feel terrible missing anyone. I would like to commend the students of both Crispus Attucks Youth Build and William Penn Senior High School who worked hard and shared their talents. These youth are too often looked upon in a negative manner. I, for one, was impressed.

My favorite part of the new park is the large white rose painted on the basketball court, created free-hand by a student whose name I do not know, but whose talents I will enjoy seeing every time I am at the park.

While the planning and the actual build may not have been easy work, the satisfaction in doing something good for our community makes it all worthwhile.


After the playground was open Monday, that evening it was filled with enthusiastic children, mine included. I would encourage you all to stop by and see this wonderful park at 1059 Kelly Drive, York.

Joe Stein

Yorktown Park project

volunteer recruitment chair